Render Process

3 Step Process

1. First Draft – Clay

I take as much information as possible and create a clay rendering for your approval. This first draft includes the completed model with camera angles, landscape and furniture layout. It is usually in clay-style rendering and without any colour.

2. Second Draft – Colour Draft

With the help of your feedback I tweak things where needed, add further details, colours, and textures and submit a colour draft. You can request further changes and updates if needed.

3. Final – High Resolution Rendering

You receive the final high resolution image.

Information Needed

To create accurate renderings I need the following details:

  1. CAD Files
  2. Colour and texture details
  3. Camera angle to be rendered i.e Straight Front, From Left, Aerial View etc
  4. Time of Day i.e Day, Night, Dusk
  5. Landscaping style, for this landscaping plan or links and example images are preferred
  6. Vehicle to be shown outside garage or not
  7. People to be shown or not
  8. And any other necessary information which you can include will assist with the project


What will be the resolution of the renderings?

Initial drafts are in 1280 pixels and final deliverable in 4000 pixels, 4K format is perfect for printing purpose but if you want any other custom resolution then let me know.

How many rounds of changes can I request?

Generally two (02) round of changes are enough to arrive at perfect images but you may request as many changes until you feel the images are perfect.

What’s the typical turnaround Time?

Turnaround for a standard project is 1 week but I try my best to deliver the render within 24 hours

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